3 Tips on Using X-Ray Plugins

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Activating License

To use the X-Ray plugins you need to activate it on your PC using the license.

  1. Open The License Manager on the top menu.
  2. GargleBlaster Games > License Manager > X-Ray Plugin.
  3. Enter the license key given in your account (or Invoice).
  4. You can log in to your account here.

Applying X-Ray to models

This process has 2 parts, X-Ray Material and X-Ray Positions.

X-Ray Material

  1. To make an object X-ray, create a new material and apply XrayPBR or XrayUnlit.
  2. Then apply this material to Skinned Mesh Renderer / Mesh Renderer.
  3. Then apply the script call “Xraypoint” to the object.

X-Ray Position

To define a position as an X-ray position simply add a tag called “Xpoint” to any game object.

That object’s position will be the world position will be x-ray position (maximum of 4 for the pro 1 for the free).

Creating a dual side X-Ray

  1. Make the number of materials in MeshRenderer /Skinned MeshRenderer to 2.
  2. Add a material to material[0] first slot with (XrayUnlitBack / XrayPBRBack )Shader,
  3. And add a 2nd martial with (XrayUnlit / XrayPBR ) to second slot (material[1]).

We have created this custom shader that enables x-ray style functionality for your Unity3D project.

X-Ray plugins are compatible with Lightweight and Universal Rendering Pipelines.

Demo version available on Unity3D store

Check out Demo vs Pro version on YouTube


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