We build our partners’ world firsts through the creative use of technology.

About Us

42 Interactive tackle our partners’ challenges with the creative use of technology creating digital experiences like no other.

Our world class team of professionals can design, develop and deliver digital ecosystems, experiential projects ranging from Activations, AR and, VR and top tier scalable platforms.

We also help our partners identify their current and future challenges in businesses through our UX and Technology consultancy.

Our latest work for International Towers is a Good Design Award winner. It won two awards in Digital Design for Interface and App & Software.

International Towers Digital Experience enables International Towers community to connect and enjoy various exclusive complimentary, commercial, and functional services.

Our Services

Creative Concept, Strategy & Direction

Service Design

Design Thinking Workshop

Brand Experience, Strategy & Design

User Experience Design

Technology Solutions

Experiential Design

Digital Placemaking


Mobile Applications

Scalable Architecture

Game Concept & Design


Interior 3D Scan

Enterprise CMS

Property Technology

These are the brands we’ve worked with as a collective.

Tweets & Instas

Everyone is going crazy for the new FaceApp experience - It’s a bit amusing
But think our own version of the facial recognition app with the amazing art from Digby Webster is much more fun and even cooler
#faceapp #creativetech #art #digby #vivid #seewhatisee

The extraordinary predictive and diagnostic capabilities of AI can be applied in the realm of sports, where physical health and fitness is of prime importance. https://t.co/pKRnkhbqi2

#AI #IoT #techinsport #creativetechnology #42interactive #machinelearning

How to increase your mobile game’s performance To make games or high graphics mobile apps run smoothly, we'd need to have a look at improving or optimising the app's performance. | 42 Interactive https://t.co/ngA0BOF9h9

#gaming #game #mobile #digital #creativetech #42interactive

There are a number of key areas in the sports industry that AI now has an important role in, including computer vision, automated journalism, marketing, and wearable technology. https://t.co/vG9od4mkvS

#AI #IoT #techinsports #42interactive #creativetechnology

Did you ever own one?

Top 5 Failed Mobile Phones Of All Time, List & Details | iGyaan Network https://t.co/0qMzyOUogA

#phones #fail #mobile

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