X-Ray Plugin for Unity3D

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Earlier this year we launched XRay plugin.

It is a custom shader that enables XRay style functionality for your Unity3D project.

XRay plugin is compatible with Lightweight and Universal Rendering Pipelines.

Want to add a Scanning effect?
Make object look like it’s being scanned with our XRay plugin for Unity 3D Free on the Unity Asset Store.

Want to look inside walls? Use this Shader tool to create an X-Ray effect on different objects.
This plug-in will enable you to create different modes of see-through objects in Unity.


Check out this plugin on the Unity Asset Store to assist enhance your project with this XRay software

Demo version available on Unity3D store

Here you can see the demo version versus pro version:

Material masking?
Creating material layers; so you can stack multiple layers and mask them one by one.

The tutorial for this unique custom shader can be found here

Visit X-Ray website where you can also join our Discord Support & Discussion group.


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