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Find My Playground

Playground finder with community reviews. Use the search filters to find playgrounds facilities such as sandpit, wheelchair, wall climbing, water play, cycling or scooter trek.

It’s a free application and can be used worldwide. Direct install on mobile phone or open and search on desktop or tablet.

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VRelaxation product with narration that will lead you through the experience deepening your relaxation as you go letting go of stress on the way.

The experience has been designed as

a virtual guided imagery experience to give you a quicker and deeper relaxation immersion. Available on Steam, App Store and Google Play.


One of Gargle Blaster Games project, Food escape is a simple swipe left and right to avoid the obstacles and harvest gold coins. This game is suitable for all ages.

Can you help the Tomato to escape?

How far can you go?

Free Download at App Store and Google Play.

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It is our immersive experience service that allows you to showcase your business and its assets to customers, 24 hours a day 365 days year.

We have enhanced the digital presence for many businesses, such as galleries, museums, restaurants, property developments, commercial properties, hotels, and more.

Gargle Blaster Games

Gargle Blaster Games is 42Interactive’s child projects where awesome games being released every now and then.

Our innovation and creativity never ends to provide best entertainment and experiences to all ages and needs in various industries.


Partnering with Uplift Psychological Service, we create engaging and compelling new experiences through Virtual and Augmented reality technology. We call it the “transducer” – the future of psychology.

We envisage unlocking an entire new set of possibilities for therapy and human Neuroplastic change.

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