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Array of objects is a common data structure that you will find frequently when you are working with a list in modern Javascript framework. As a list, you will easily loop it by for Each () method or for the () function to access each of the Array’s element in order to manipulate it. But […]

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Experience in PAX 2018

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After a year-long wait, I finally got the chance to go to the PAX AUS in Melbourne, It was a very memorable experience. What is PAX? PAX is a gaming convention where local indie game developers can showcase their games to the public alongside big behemoth corporate games studios and their triple-A games. Adding to […]

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Why naming your business is harder than naming your children

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It’s no secret that names can be used as powerful tools to start and indeed grow your business. However, it seems that the process of naming your business or company, either turns into the Spanish Inquisition with input from all parts of your life, even from those sometimes not asked for.  Or alternatively it ends […]

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