Why Mobile App Design & Development Can Improve Your Business?

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As the variety of smart device users grows all over the world, mobile applications have actually ended up being a fundamental organizational tool to get in touch with your clients in a really simple way. The world has actually ended up being more connected and portable than ever. It’s no surprise that businesses throughout the […]

How To Use Technology To Enhance Teaching & Learning

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Staying up to date with class innovation can appear a complicated job for instructors. They have students to teach, documents to grade, and conferences to participate in– which hardly scratches the surface of what instructors do every day. That is why it is generally simpler to stick to the familiar tools used daily, even if […]

The Benefits of Listing Your Business in FindMyPlayground.com

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We have launched FindMyPlayground app version 1.1.8 with amazing new features. Not only that you can search playgrounds and read/submit a review on a playground, but now you can also place your business into our map and listing. Here is how: Go to FindMyPlayground website: https://findmyplayground.com/ On the right side, open the dropdown menu Scroll […]

42 Interactive’s 2020 Journey

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Can you believe that we are now in December and close to the end of 2020? It has been 12 months of the strangest of years for everyone globally handling the Covid Pandemic. Here we would like to share the stories of ups and downs that we have been through in 2020. January: Journey to […]

4 Easy Ways on How You Can Use FindMyPlayground

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First of all, what is FindMyPlayground? How does it work? Is it an app? Is it free? Can we use it in other countries? FindMyPlayground is a search platform created by 42 Interactive Pty Ltd. As a company with families in mind, we saw a challenge faced by many parents to find an outdoor playground or […]