Digital experiences in museums and schools

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Traditionally, when people thought of a museum, historical artifacts like dinosaur skeletons and suspended aeroplanes of the 1900s are what typically came to mind. But with the advent of contemporary art museums, the space has opened up to showcase the latest digital technologies and interactive experiences – and are also paving the way for unique […]

Why You Should Use Figma

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Since its inception, Figma has rapidly gained popularity as the application of choice for digital designers. Here are some reasons why you should start using Figma. Simple Interface The user interface is highly intuitive. If you’re a designer who is at least somewhat familiar with the Adobe Suite, you’ll find Figma to be incredibly easy […]

An Intro to XR and What’s Currently Happening

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Lately we’ve been seeing the term ‘XR’ pop up in a few releases, and this has audiences wondering… What is it? Is it a new type of reality experience?  What is XR? Known as extended reality, x-reality, or simply ‘XR’ is used as an umbrella term for the different reality experiences – virtual reality, augmented […]

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality: What are they?

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Over the past several years we’ve been seeing many advancements in the different reality technologies on the market. Here’s our rundown on what they are and some of their current uses. Virtual Reality Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulated experience that is achieved through computer technology.  Through VR headsets such as HTC Vive, Oculus Quest or […]

Service Design: What is it?

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All services in one way or another need to be planned. Some services are inherently going to be more enjoyable than others, but designing the experience to revolve around the users can optimize even the most mundane tasks. This type of design is called service design, and it’s about designing the experience of a service in […]

Three Key UX/UI Trends of 2021

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This year we’re looking at interesting UX/UI emerging trends especially in this post-pandemic digital world. These are three trends we have identified and will continue following. A Remote World The past year has shown the world that there is ample opportunity for virtual and remote technologies that assist team communication and collaboration. In a time […]