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Transformative Mindfulness & Relaxation Therapy through Virtual Reality We are proud to be able to announce the launch of our work with our Neurotechnology clinical psychologist our new Virtual Reality product #InstalcalmVR Instacalm VR is the first in our suite of VRelaxation products released this month in the Steam Store for HTC Vive, Occulus Rift or Valve Index […]

Find My Playground

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A Mobile-First Guide to Locate and Review Playgrounds Find My Playground is a search platform created by 42 Interactive Pty Ltd. As a company with families in mind, we saw a challenge faced by many parents to find outdoor or indoor facilities for their active children.   Find My Playground was created to answer this challenge and also […]

Digital Design and Innovation on Australian TV Channel 10

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If you missed the show on Sunday 23rd Oct you can catch up on 10 Play here. 42 Interactive Digital Design work features on the Australia by Design Show Innovation on Channel 10 Tune in to Channel 10 this Sunday, 20th October at 2:30pm to see what we did with our amazing Partner International Towers […]

Introducing OData With ASP.Net Core

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Overview OData short for Open Data Protocol allows developer to create a simple query able RESTFUL APIs. With OData the caller can freely filter, select and expand the data in server side with a standard query and the implementation is very simple and straight forward.  OData builds on HTTP and JSON using URIs to address […]

Working with Javascript Array of Objects

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Array of objects is a common data structure that you will find frequently when you are working with a list in modern Javascript framework. As a list, you will easily loop it by for Each () method or for the () function to access each of the Array’s element in order to manipulate it. But […]

Json Web Token (JWT) Authentication. A How to Guide

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Web API is a common thing to implement these days. It gives flexibility and great separation between presentation and business logic layers. When we are implementing mobile applications or Single Page Applications (SPA) we will need to use Web API. One of the challenges of implementing Web API is security. This is because it is […]

How to increase your mobile games performance

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To make mobile games or high graphics mobile apps run smoothly, we’d need to have a look at improving or optimizing the app’s performance. Compared to a gaming computer, mobile phones have way less processing ability to render frames effectively. This is because a gaming computer has a dedicated graphical processor (graphic card or cards) […]

Xamarin Forms Shell

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Finally, Xamarin team releases a set of features in Xamarin Forms that makes easier and quicker to get started with than before. One of them, as you might have known is Shell template that has been there since pre-release version but now it’s has been released in stable version along with other new features introduced […]

Maximize your Digital Strategy with SEO and Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing is now the new Search Engine Marketing. Over the past few years, digital marketing strategies have shifted dramatically from Organic SEO and Google paid campaign networks (AdWords, AdSense) to Social Media Marketing that has become a phenomenal online platform and marketing strategy, where even beginners can launch their own campaigns with less […]